3-Panel Patio Doors

3-panel patio doors in Phoenix

3-Panel Patio Doors in Phoenix - Know More About It

A Phoenix window and door company can create 3-panel patio doors replacement Mesa for houses and businesses. This type of door has three panels with one operable portion. This can be hinged or sliding depending on the client’s request.

Although a side panel is a usual choice for operation, it can still be any of the three parts. For locations with minimal spaces, a sliding version is a common choice.

A 3-panel patio door replacement in Gilbert, AZ can be used in smaller patios where four panels won’t fit. But like similar types, it allows more natural lighting and ventilation. 

The 3-panel patio doors replacement in Chandler, AZ will add bold yet lively design to the place where it’s installed. Its frame can also be customized to suit the motif of the home. 

3-panel patio doors replacement

Why Choose Affordable Windows Plus Exteriors?

As a seasoned Phoenix window and door company, 3-panel doors are our expertise. We use only the highest quality material to ensure that our products will last for years.

Our 3-panel patio doors replacement Mesa will make you enjoy the outdoor views of AZ. It can also be used for ventilation and natural lighting which can slash the cost of your energy bills.

Promptness and precision are our traditions in Affordable Windows Plus Exteriors. For more than two decades, we have repaired, replaced, and customized doors for households and establishments across AZ.

It’s always our priority to satisfy our customers. From start to finish, we pay utmost attention to the details of the project. Be it big or small, we treat each project with the same level of dedication.

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Advantages of 3-Panel Patio Doors in Phoenix

A 3-panel door is a staple of a Phoenix window and door company. It’s preferred by many property owners due to the following advantages:

1. Easy access

As a sliding door, the 3-panel design is easy to operate even by kids. Also, it gives more entry space should you need to bring in large furniture or a tall Christmas tree.

Those with mobility issues will find 3-panel doors to be more convenient. And since it has a sliding construction, gripping handles wouldn’t be a problem.

2. Adds a sense of space

With three glass panels, this door design will imbibe a larger space to your home. It reduces the boxy feeling, especially to small houses.

The view of the patio or your garden will make your home more breathable and less trapping.
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3. Energy efficient

A 3-panel door lets in more air and sunlight than a French door. This way, you can reduce your energy consumption without compromising the comfort level of your home.

Most panel doors nowadays are designed to trap cold temperature inside during summer while it keeps the cold from entering your house during winter.

4. More value for your home

Upgrading to this type of door will increase the market value of your home. If you’re planning to sell your home in the future, investing in door replacements Phoenix, AZ is a good choice. The replacement isn’t taxing and most homes can avail it with such impressive ROI.

5. Sleek and clean look

During the door installation Phoenix, the installers will ensure that your 3-panel door will have a clean and sleek look. This will give your house a classy feel.