French Hinged Doors

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About French Hinged Doors in Phoenix

French hinged door replacement in Mesa provides a dramatic and sophisticated statement to a property. Aside from aesthetics, it also contributes to better ventilation and natural lighting.

A Phoenix window and door company can fit French doors to just about any home style. These doors usually open outward with hinges on the door jamb on both sides. 

Unlike the sliding version, French hinged door replacement in Gilbert, AZ need additional space to swing open. Nevertheless, this can be customized using various panels and different designs.

French hinged door replacement in Chandler, AZ can be installed on typical patio door spaces. It’s usually a favorite of homeowners during a renovation. This is due to the fact that these doors can be placed on a ground level and multi-story buildings.

For minimalist homes, French hinged doors can be used as separators of two rooms. Regardless of its use, this door type adds elegance to both the interior and exterior of a house.

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Why Choose Affordable Windows Plus Exteriors?

Classy doors don’t have to be very expensive! As a local Phoenix window and door company, we provide our service for a reasonable price. Quality, precision, and attention to detail is the life force of our company.

We take every detail of a project by heart as we know that each replacement and installation is a special move for every household.

When you avail our French hinged door replacement in Mesa, you’re not just paying for a new door. You’re investing in an asset that will last for decades.

Here at Affordable Windows Plus Exteriors, we stand by the quality of our products and the competence of our team. Our 20+ years of experience will speak for itself.