Garden Windows

garden window replacement Gilbert, AZ

Garden Windows in Phoenix - Improve the View

Garden windows in Mesa are another example of specialty windows. It sports an outward projecting front that lets in more sunlight into the room. This also makes the room appear wider.

Usually, garden window replacements in Phoenix, AZ have three parts. The center section, which is the largest part, is fixed and non-operable. Meanwhile, the two sides utilize single-hung sliders for better ventilation.

Garden window replacements in Gilbert, AZ are used as a place to nurture indoor plants. It typically comes with a shelf in the middle where more plants can be placed for decorative purposes.

A garden window replacement in Chandler, AZ is typically installed in kitchens which are usually facing the sun. Still, this can be installed to just about any room.

This is a great way to upgrade a house with minimal storage spaces and those that have small kitchens. Garden windows in Mesa are one of the most unique types but Affordable Windows Plus Exteriors can provide this with utmost quality.
garden window replacement Chandler, AZ

Why Choose Affordable Windows Plus Exteriors?

We customize and install garden windows in Mesa for every home or business property. Here in Affordable Windows Plus Exteriors, we provide stylish windows for your herbs and fresh plants.

Our garden window replacement in Phoenix, AZ will be a chic little perch for your indoor plants. Regardless if you have a small or big kitchen, we can size the window to blend with your home’s design. 

Since garden windows have protruding parts, we only use the strongest materials. Our installers also practice precision to put up a window that will last for ages.