Single Hung Windows

single hung windows in Mesa

Single Hung Windows in Phoenix - An Attractive Home Improvement Option

The single hung windows in Mesa utilize two sashes, also called as panels. In the traditional design, the bottom panel is sliding vertically while the top one is fixed.

A single hung window replacement Phoenix, AZ is a common choice among homeowners. It’s simple, easy to operate, and excellent for natural lighting and ventilation.

This is similar to double hung windows except that the latter has two panels. Usually, a single hung window replacement Gilbert, AZ is used on rural areas and top level floors.

A lot of homeowners prefer this window type as it provides a classic and clean look for their homes. It’s also cheaper and easy to acquire from just about any window company.

Aside from this, a single hung window replacement Chandler, AZ is a great option for walls with limited horizontal space. In the same vein, it will require more vertical space. For properties with little space outdoors, the sliding design is ideal.
single hung window replacement Phoenix, AZ

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